Hospital Management System

Technical differentiators
  • On Demand application scalability that ensures non-obsolescence of solutions as business grows
  • 100% Web engineered & Cloud ready
  • Already mobile ready and accessible through Androids, Windows and iPad's
Organisational differentiators.
  • Multi locational product enabling centralised monitoring, intelligent decision making & improved audit and controls
  • Managing RCM, SCM, FMS, HRMS, Governance, Leadership & Directions and Quality Improvement & Patient safety

PARAS Healthcare Management Software is a fully integrated solution for hospital of various sizes and complexities. This allows our customers to choose the right sized solution based on their current requirement. Our adaptive and modular design of the solution helps our customers to grow without the fear of technology / solution replacement.
We had the choice to build innovative solutions based on latest technologies than being saddled with legacy platforms. This enables our customers to use richer functionality at a much lower Total Cost of Ownership and at a faster Return on Investment. PARAS, our Healthcare suite of products are aimed to deliver paperless and filmless hospital thereby reducing huge administrative costs. This helps our customers to counter the rising costs of care amidst increasing competition.